Why Infrared Scans in Photovoltaic Systems make Sense Solar Panel

Solar systems are the epitome of smart energy management especially when it comes to commercial operations. However, while solar powered systems do allow commercial or residential property owners to get off the grid, they are after all, still machines and can break down due to glitches.

Capital Infrared uses non-invasive ITI (Infrared Thermal Imaging) to locate the thermal variances in your photovoltaic systems that may compromise the functionality of your investment.

How it Works

ITI Photovoltaic Systems surveys are carried out while the mechanisms are in operation and are used to locate thermal patterns within them during this time. This makes it possible for owners to reduce maintenance costs that are associated with their upkeep and ensure that their investments work efficiently at all times.

Maybe one of the solar panels in your system is overheating. Maybe a mechanical component is loose and causing your photovoltaic systems to stall. Whatever the case may be you will never know unless you take your solar system apart. Our certified Thermographers ensure that you never have to by scanning your photovoltaic systems with state of the art infrared technology.

An ITI Photovoltaic Survey from Capital Infrared can help you detect:

  • Any debris or dirt that might be clogging your panels
  • Faulty equipment or loose wiring
  • Obstructed or partially shaded panels
  • Malfunctioning cells within the panels

Property owners rely on solar powered systems to manage energy consumption. However, that cannot happen if the components in your solar systems overheat, are loose or malfunctioning in any way. Even a single malfunctioning cell in a solar panel can be a cause for concern. Our clients depend on our ITI Photovoltaic Surveys to ensure that the operations that run on your photovoltaic systems never suffer through any unscheduled power failures or downtimes.

Our Certified Infrared Thermographers are trained to observe industry standards during their services. Do you think that your photovoltaic systems may be compromised due to faulty components? Call us now and we will send over our Certified Thermographers to analyze your solar investment during a time that is convenient for you.

Once we have scanned your photovoltaic systems, we will provide you with a detailed report of our findings. Our comprehensive reports make it possible for clients to cut costs when it comes to the maintenance of their solar equipment and hence make energy management more efficient than ever before. Call us for a scheduled scan and boost your bottom line.