Infrared Gallery

Air Bound Raditor

This is an example of a radiator that is air bound – not heating from rung to rung.

Radiant Floor Defect

Example of a radiant floor heating system not heating properly.

Leaky Register

Example of a leaky register. Hot air is dispersing outward and into the unconditioned attic.


Example of Stratification. Stratification is where you have a much different temperature near the floor and a much higher temperature near the ceiling.


Missing Insulation

This is an example of missing or mis-applied fiberglass batt insulation on an exterior wall.

Latent Moisture

This is an example of latent moisture on the bottom of a concrete block foundation wall. Water is accumulating inside the block wall cavities.

Loose Terminal Connection

This an example of a loose terminal connection on a main disconnect.

Building Envelope Energy Loss

This is an extreme example of heat loss through attic bypasses. The heat signature on the gable end of this home is from within the unconditioned attic.

ITI Electrical-Mechanical

ITI Electrical-Mechanical surveys are saving millions of dollars for property owners and facility engineers.

ITI Flat Roof

Most commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings in the United States constructed today are flat roof structures.